Outrun Vol.1

Outrun Vol.1

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Outrun Vol. 1 For U-he Repro-5

Working under the influence of: 16Bit Consoles, Timecop1983! and The Midnight..

This pack includes 64 Premium Synthwave and Outrun Sounds Including

  •  16 Bass
  • 10 Keys
  • 10 Leads
  • 8 Pads
  • 8 Plucks
  • 12 FX

LFO Greatness

We purposely overused the LFO system to create some great 8 and 16bit Console style sounds and FX

Lifting the lid

We cracked open the hood to extend the range of possible sounds. Alternate filter envelopes and sample & hold features included!

Inspired Tones

Ultra classic tones inspired from consoles, retro, and synthwave. These sounds will work across the spectrum of your electronic music requirements