Repro5 - Esoteric Vol.1

Repro5 - Esoteric Vol.1

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Esoteric Vol. 1 for Uhe Repro 5

Repro 5 - A software synthesizer accurately modelled on the original hardware of sequential circuits prophet 5.

This Pack of 64 Premium Repro-5 Presets Includes;

  • 12 Bass
  • 10 FX
  • 24 Keys
  • 10 pads
  • 8 Pad FX

    Digital Or Analogue?

    UHe Repro 5 blurs the line between the two worlds. We've utilised the accurate modelling to bring you a hugely organic and analogue sound,

    The Modulation Matrix

    Creative use of the mod matrix and Repro 5's hardwired modulation means specialised sounds

    Analogue FX

    From delays and reverb to overdrive and resonators The Analogue FX is used to bring out the best of the analogue tones

    Tweaks Panel 

    Unique usage of the under the hood tweaks to bring you sounds you won't find elsewhere.