repro-5 presets, 20 cosmic pads and drones for U-he repro-5

Repro5 - Cosmic Pads & Drones

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Looking for next level Repro-5 Pads and Drones?

This pack takes you to the edges of the universe. With lo-fi, dirty, musical and highly textured pads and drones for U-he Repro-5.

Ideal for Sci-Fi, Ambient Textures, Electronica atmosphere sounds, Game audio and Film score.

What's included?

20 Repro5 Pad Patches

  • Solar System
  • The Sun Is Seen
  • Last Planet
  • Different Gravity
  • Farewell To Stratosphere
  • Meteor Rain
  • Near And Far
  • First Landing
  • Noise From The Moon
  • Galaxy Border
  • A Comet Passes By
  • Light Year
  • Unidentified Signal
  • Martian Vinyl
  • Chunk Of Ice
  • Full Of Emptiness
  • Alien Radio
  • Final Destination
  • Little Star
  • Cloud Of Dust