Brainfeed Volume. 1 - 250 Dub Techno Drum Loops

Techno Sample Pack 250 Dub Techno Loops
Our latest releases focuses around the sounds of Dub Techno, Ambient House and similar deep styles. Produced from a room full of analogue equipment, Moog DFAMS, Arturias, Roland 808's and 909's as well as other hard to find drum machines, all sampled out meticulously into the a slew of high quality but carefully selected outboard FX and into the awesome sounding Roland Space Echo Re-150 then post processed for loop points.
High quality productions demand high quality samples and ours deliver this to you in 44Khz / 24 Bit WAV quality.
Creatively these loops blur the line between melodic synth lines and tonal drum sounds so each loop is extremely music and a great track builder on it's own or can take centre stage as your sound.
Each loop comes complete with the percussion, kick and hat layers included separately to give maximum versatility.

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