Free Midi Chord Pack

Looking for free midi chords?

Don't spend money on "royalty free chords" from other sites, all appropriate chords can be found here 100% Free to use and Royalty Free.

Simply download this MIDI pack and get started.

More than 7400 chords are included in this free pack.

➡️ Download The Free Midi Chord Pack HERE

The chords collection is organized using 3 levels of directories:

  • 1st level: All 12 Major and Minor keys
  • 2nd level:
    • 1/ Triads
    • 2/ 7ths and 9ths chords
    • 3/ All other chords
    • 4/ Chord progressions
  • 3rd level: Major and Minor scales

Below the progressions directory, you'll find 3 more directories. They contain the same MIDI chord progressions files but with different timings: basic4 style, alt4 style and hiphop style.

How to use this midi chord pack

  • Download, unzip to a location you choose.
  • Drag and drop into your DAW's track.
  • Alternatively use your DAWs *Import* option

Chords are provided by Drolez and are licensed under the MIT License so are free to use as you wish in your own music productions, as you wish.

Any questions or comments get in contact

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