My Sound design story.

For almost two decades I've been wringing out the best possible synth presets I can from every synthesizer I could get my hands on. 

For ten years of that I have been supplying factory sound banks to multiple synth manufacturers.

Personally frustrated by the lack of quality sample packs and synth presets available I set out with a vision to change that. My goal is to offer the best commercially available sounds anywhere at a price people can afford.

All my synth patches and samples are designed and selected within my dedicated in-house, acoustically treated studio and sold EXCLUSIVELY via my site. You won't find them at any other outlet.

Quality doesn't need diluting.

I use a high grade RME output chain routed to a Neumann monitoring system situated within an acoustically treated studio. Care has been taken to ensure quality components at every stage even down to the cables I use.

This high quality, transparent output enables me to design the presets with the right balance of all elements so you receive tonally balanced, well rounded sounds to use in your productions.

This results in less mixing and tweaking of your new sounds to sit right in your existing productions - This supports your creativity at its peak.

I tend to create roughly around 80 to 100 individual presets for each synth bank, then hand pick the best of these to build the 64 strong preset pack paying attention to overall sound, usability and its place within the pack. 

Next, each synth preset is individually quality checked against my own criteria, level matched under various scenarios then saved and consolidated into the overall library.

I specifically take time to ensure no nasty peaks or dips are present when demo'ing sounds in a variety of situations - This allows quicker and more consistent mixing into your new and existing tracks.

I'm confident you will enjoy your new sounds.


Some of the manufacturers I use and actively support


AMS Neve

RME Audio


SOUND7 presets and samples use Neumann monitoringSOUND7 uses AMS neve consoles

SOUND7 presets and samples use RME audio

sound7 acoustic treated studio