Activate Phase Plant Plugin

How To Activate Your KiloHearts Plugins

Buying KiloHearts vst plugins from SOUND7 you will now have received your redemption code at checkout, in your order confirmation email and if you opted to create a SOUND7 account you can find it in your account order page too.

With your redemption code now head over to:

and you'll be presented with a page similar to the below.

Authorise KiloHearts Plugins

Enter your serial and your email in a moment your serial will be registered/redeemed and sent to you.


After the above step is complete

Download your plugin here:

Run through the installer

Load up your KiloHearts plugin in your DAW of choice, you'll be presented with this type of screen.

KiloHearts Plugin Activation Screen


Click [ENTER KEY] - You'll be taken to the below screen to enter your serial.

Phase Plant VST plugin Activation

Paste/enter your serial code and you'll be all set. For good measure you may need to reload the plugin.

Have fun using your new KiloHearts vst/au plugins!

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