The Top 10 Music Production Blogs You Need To Follow Today

The Top 10 Music Production Blogs You Need To Follow Today

Best music production blogs to follow

There's more content than ever for Music Producers so it can be a problem trying to find the high quality content that provides you with the info you want and need. 

It's tricky finding the right content for your production flows or genres, worse still you're times limited so you want the info quickly enabling you to digest and put it into practice to start realising your efforts right way. But it can be hard to weed out the ones lagging behind or becoming stagnant vs the ones pushing ahead with regular, relevant updates and meaningful content.

We've taken the hard work out of the search for you and put together the Top 10 Music Production blogs to follow today and we judged each one based on a number of factors.

  • Quality
  • Update Consistency
  • Relevancy
  • Readability

We also put a focus on avoiding duplication and looked at the widest range of music production resources possible to give you real scope to find the ones that resonate most with your interests. So.. The Top 10 Music Production Blogs You Need To Follow Today.


Great for guest content from top artists and excellent original content especially centred around Trance, EDM and other similar Electronic genres production. A focus on creative inspiration, top tips for sound design, tips and tricks and the really great technique from high profile Electronic producers means content you won't get elsewhere. If you're into EDM, Trance or House then EDM Prod is definitely must follow.

EDM Prod


Get That Pro Sound

A long standing blog that historically struggled with regular updates but that seems to have been resolved now. It continues to be an excellent music producers resource with a real focus on top 10 lists music software lists, very good content for technique and how-tos especially around mixing and mastering. Covers lots of Waves software and the higher tier of music production software.

Get that pro sound

Hyperbits Music

Not the most content but what's present is very high quality and covers an extensive range to from writing better melodies, unorthodox approaches to music creation, EQ, Mixing, Mastering and everything else in between even down to gaining better health as a producer! 

Hyperbits blog


Bedroom Producers Blog (bpb)

Top content for the aspiring music producer. Excellent resource for top 10 lists, particularly around top free plugins, software and synths. Lots of content and all really high quality. Covers a wider breadth of detail, and draws good quality content and news updates from other areas of the web too. You would do well to spend more of your learning time here.

bedroom producers blog

Supreme Tracks

An excellent resource for artists which use more traditional instruments but are interested in still tracking, mixing or mastering within DAWs. Key content on vocal mixing, lyric writing for melodies and a really insightful case study section that delves beneath the surface of a track and talks with the artist and discussion around the techniques used. An excellent resource.

Supreme Tracks

No Dough Music (NDM)

Excellent unassuming but highly informative content with emphasis on making better sounding music and a definite focus towards House, Disco, Techno and similar genres. They also do some really good Studio Talk articles with professional producers which are an invaluable source of insight which can't be found elsewhere.

No Dough Music

CDM Music Production

CDM (Create Digital Music) is a Music Production Blog with a difference which has a lot of unique content, news and tech talk on hardware synthsesizers, industry analysis, genre talk and a look at the cutting edge of music production software.

Excellent for producers looking ahead to what the future holds, music production or hardware geeks and anyone looking for more technical talk around the subjects.

CDM Music blog


Musician On A Mission

Lots of excellent articles on music theory, traditional instrument recording, physical release advice with all the associated content on obtaining better mixes, top 10 lists on mix tips and aspects such as engineering, gain staging and so forth. Catering for both software and hardware alike.

Musician on a mission

Sounds and Gear

A Wealth of information on all things music production including sample pack reviews, tech Tips and a lot of excellent content on Music Production gear like monitors, synths even down to video and camera talk ideal for Music Production Vloggers! 

Sounds and Gear

DJ Gym

A definite lean towards DJ Producers and a focus on accredited UK based DJ courses and resources with some excellent info aimed at pure music production, top 10 Music Software lists, excellent focus on Logic Pro tips and tricks along with dedicated music production courses and a regular update basis means DJ Gym is definitely worth your time and particularly relevant for UK based producers too.

More info their accredited and excellent Music production courses can be found here

And their accredited and excellent DJ courses can be found here

DJ Gym

Producer Hive

Producer Hive is a Music Production blog with a wealth of production based information. They run comparison examples, Music hardware and software reviews, tips and tricks as well as interviews with artists.

My personal favourite are the A vs B companion tests they do on many different real world production scenarios - offering tangible results on what really makes the biggest difference in the production.

The blog has a good balance of content so whether you're a novice or more seasoned producer you'll definitely pick up some helpful information and insight along the way.

Top 10 music production blogs, producer hive

With so much free music production resource around there's no reason to not improve your skills, level up and get working on your next hit. 

Found one that's worthy of the list? Missing one you think should have made the grade? Leave a comment and we'll follow it up in our next update.

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