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Trance Toolkit Vol.1

Trance Toolkit Vol.1

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Classic Trance Sample Pack.

Over 500 Individual Trance Samples. Created Specifically To Cover All Areas Of Classic Trance Production from Progressive House to 2000's style Trance serving as a solid foundation for your Trance and new wave EDM productions.

We've Maintained A Clear Emphasis On Quality Over Quantity.  Ensuring Each Sound Stands On Its Own Merit.

Whether you want to build classic Trance sounds, arrange classic Trance tracks, recreate the Trance of yester-year or get involved in the resurgence of the Classic Trance sound this pack will help fulfil those production needs.

Pure Creation

Created With A Variety Of Synthesis And Sample Synthesis. Nothing 'pulled' From Commercial Tracks Like Some Sample Cd's

Total Purity

Delivered In 24 Bit And And Absolutely No Recycled Content.

Production Ready, Easier Mixing.

All Key Sample Levels Set To Under -0.1db. We Found This To Be The Crucial For Avoiding Initial Clipping When Placed In The Mix With Other Sounds. 


  • 50 Kicks
  • 30 Claps
  • 30 Snares
  • 25 Hi-Hats
  • 25 Open Hats
  • 25 Ride Hats
  • 25 Percussion Noises
  • 15 Toms


  • 25 Hi Hat Loops
  • 25 Percussion Loops
  • 15 Loop Shadows
  • 62 Bassline Loops
  • 22 Synth Line FX
  • 15 ARP Loops


  • 20 Micro Sweeps
  • 20 Reverb Drops
  • 10 Snare Rolls
  • 30 Riser / Down FX
  • 15 Crash
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