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D16 - Classics Bundle

D16 - Classics Bundle

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Bundle Overview

In the world of electronic music production, the foundation is everything—the pulsating rhythm that compels people to hit the dance floor. The D16 Classic Boxes Collection is tailor-made for electronic music producers, offering a curated selection of classic drum machines and bass synthesizer plugins that lay the groundwork for unforgettable tracks.

Why You Need the D16 Classic Boxes Collection:

  • Build Unforgettable Foundations: Your music's foundation is its heartbeat, and the Classic Boxes Collection ensures it beats with power and groove. These plugins connect with your audience on a deep emotional level, making them move and groove.

  • Iconic Drum Machines: Inside this collection, you'll find Nepheton, a faithful recreation of the revered 808-style drum machine; Drumazon, an immaculate model of classic 909-style drum machines; and Nithonat, delivering uncompromising 606-style drum machine sounds. Whether your style is old-school hip-hop or contemporary dance, you'll find the perfect sound to fill your sonic canvas.

  • Thumping Low-End: For that unmistakable 303-style liquid bassline, turn to Phoscyon. This plugin captures the essence of the original with precision, offering powerful distortion, a built-in arpeggiator, and a randomizer. It's the sound that shaped modern dance music and gave birth to Acid House.

  • Analog Modeling Excellence: The Classic Boxes Collection leverages advanced proprietary analog modeling to provide the most authentic vintage effects and synthesizers available. Infuse your mixes with classic character and warmth, giving your music that perfect sonic hue. But we don't stop at faithful recreations—we enhance these classics with contemporary features, seamlessly integrating them into your modern productions.

What's included?

  • Nithonat
  • Drumazon
  • Nepheton
  • Phoscyon

D16 Group Nithonat Drum Machine: A 909-Style Classic Reimagined

Meet the Nithonat, a faithful 909-style clone that's perfect for both music production and electrifying live performances. This drum machine stays true to the now-classic original, delivering every original sound meticulously coded to match the module's counterparts. But that's not all – the Nithonat enhances your creative control with expanded features, making sound creation a breeze. Dive into extensive MIDI controls, bringing this classic drum machine into the digital age, allowing precise triggering of individual sounds. Whether you prefer the internal clock or sync it to an external host sequencer, the Nithonat's punchy sound, celebrated for shaping 90s techno and hip-hop classics, remains at your fingertips.

D16 Group Drumazon Drum Machine: A Modern Take on a Classic Legend

The D16 Group Drumazon Drum Machine, a 909-style clone, reimagines the classic drum synthesizer for the modern era, complete with MIDI CC support. This faithful recreation captures the essence of a legendary drum machine, retaining every nuance of the original while introducing enhanced controls. Its advanced sequencer stores up to 12 patterns per bank, each consisting of 16 steps. Explore various operation modes, such as Chain Mode for seamless pattern transitions ideal for both live performances and music production. Take command with external controllers for precise pattern playback. Dive into Shuffle, Flam, and Total Accent parameters, offering in-depth pattern control that's simply unparalleled.

D16 Group Nepheton Drum Machine: A Precise 808-Style Emulation

The Nepheton, an 808-style clone, faithfully recreates the legendary drum synth with astonishing accuracy. Boasting 17 fully synthesized modules, the Nepheton delivers an authentic remake of the original, complete with additional controls for fine-tuning tone and envelope parameters. Its versatile internal sequencer offers two banks of patterns (16 steps for simplicity, and an extended 96-step mode for intricate arrangements). Explore the 'shuffle' knob, a randomizer, and a tap mode, mirroring all the charm of the original sequencer. The Nepheton's 808-style sound, a game-changer since its late 80s debut, has left an indelible mark on modern dance music.

D16 Group Phoscyon Bassline: A 303-Style Classic with a Modern Twist

The Phoscyon Bassline, while staying true to the original, introduces new features designed to ignite your modern creativity. What sets the Phoscyon apart is its unique 18dB/oct filter, faithfully recreating the unmistakable analog-style sound of the original 303 with zero self-oscillation. This meticulous recreation captures the very essence of the original, complete with powerful distortion, a built-in arpeggiator, and a randomizer. The original synth, a cornerstone of modern dance music and the birth of Acid House, owed its fame to its unique liquid-like bass sounds.

Experience the legacy, precision, and modern versatility of D16 Group's iconic drum machines and bassline synth. Your music production journey just got a whole lot more exciting!

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