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Espen Kraft

Ensoniq - ESQ-1 Sound Pack

Ensoniq - ESQ-1 Sound Pack

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40 brand new patches for the Ensoniq ESQ-1 / ESQ-M /SQ-80 and all emulations that can import original ESQ sysex patches such as the SQ8L and Arturia SQ80-V*.

Brass, strings, pads, keys, synths, bass and bells. All ready to go into your own music. These are sounds tailored for pop, synthwave, Italo Disco and Soundtracks.

These are not particularly tailored for industrial- or darker experimental electronic music. The download files is in sysex format and must be imported to your own hardware synth from a computer with a sysex transfer program, through your midi interface and into your synth.

On an emulation you can just load the sysex file internally in your computer. The patches are the copyright of Espen Kraft and can be used in any commercial production without limitations.

The patches cannot be resold or assembled into any other collection- or distribution online, or otherwise. The Ensoniq ESQ-1 from 1986 is on of those classic hybrid synths from the 80s. It has digitally stored waveforms and analog filters.

The ESQ-1 was the first synth of many aspiring synth people and it still holds a strong nostalgic grip on most of us. And it's still very much alive. It has a certain sound that many likes.

*For Arturias plugin, please use the "Espen Kraft ESQ1 Bank" file for import.

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