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King Korg - Cinematica Vol. 1

King Korg - Cinematica Vol. 1

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50 Sounds for Korgs King Korg

A series of organic and motion sounds for the King Korg synthesizer.

King Korg is a great analog modeling and sample-based dual engine synth with lots of timbres and excels at big bold beautiful sounds.

Anton Bakhtin & Nick Klimenko continuing cinematic preset series with 50 brand new handcrafted presets ready to integrate (or become) your productions 

Cinematica Vol.1 sound pack contains Deep atmospheric & evolving pads Bright Powerful Strings alongside classic re-creations of Juno & CS-80 Synthesizers.

Beautiful Plucks with deep reverbs, Massive Basses, Leads and Great cinematic Arpeggios using intuitive King Korg arp system

Looking for the ultimate Bladerunner 2049 sound? Many of the sounds were inspired by Hans Zimmer. 

All the patches provide Mod-wheel and velocity and can be added as favourites on your synthesizer. 

Upgrade your synth sound with this inspiration King Korg sound pack

What's included?

  • 198X Pad
  • Action Arp
  • Arpology
  • Autumn Pad
  • BladeRun2049
  • Cave Pluck
  • Cloud Pad
  • CS-80 Brass
  • Danger Arp
  • Dark Neon
  • Desert Angel
  • Dominator
  • Dusty Pad
  • Fat Pluck
  • Fate Arp
  • Gate Open
  • Gated Arp
  • Glass Pad
  • Hugh Me Pad
  • Hypno XX Arp
  • Invaders Pow
  • Juno String
  • Laser Harps
  • Lazy Pad
  • Light Pad
  • Lucky Man
  • Memory
  • Metallic Arp
  • Milky Way
  • Mirror Arp
  • Moon Pad
  • Morze Pad
  • OB-8 String
  • Orbital
  • P5 Bass
  • Poly Arp
  • Poly-6 Arp
  • PolyFuture
  • Quasar Lead
  • Razor Arp
  • Scifi Arp
  • Sem Bass
  • Star Arp
  • Star Gaze
  • Star Pluck
  • Strobe
  • Sun Lead
  • Synergy
  • Vector Pad
  • Vibra
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