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McDSP - Channel G Compact Native v7

McDSP - Channel G Compact Native v7

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Channel G Compact features calibration modes for music, post production, and models of the world’s most popular analog mixing desks.

Channel G Compact delivers the same sonic experience as Channel G with a smaller DSP footprint. The Channel G Compact user interface seamlessly integrates with the Avid S1, S4, and S6 control surfaces, the D-Control and D-Command legacy control surfaces, as well as the S6L live sound consoles.

Gentle Knee Curves
The Knee control in Channel G Compact has 11 pre-programmed positions ranging from hard knee to gentle knee curves.

Noise Reduction
By offering high pass, low pass, and notch filtering, Channel G Compact can effectively eliminate noise while affecting the desired audio as little as possible.

Use the Real-Time Analyzer to monitor how the frequency spectrum is being affected.


  • High pass and low pass filters with 12 and 24 dB/Oct slopes
  • Full featured Compressor/Limiter
  • Four-band EQ with shelving and parametric sections
  • Compressor/Limiter operation pre or post EQ section
  • Side chain support
  • Double precision processing
  • Zero latency
  • Collection of presets from award winning mix engineers
  • Mono and stereo versions
  • Native: AAX DSP/Native, AU, VST3
  • Native: AAX Native, AU, VST3
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