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Microfreak - Black And White

Microfreak - Black And White

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Looking for better Arturia Microfreak Presets?

Arturia Microfreak - Black & White

This soundset provides 50 sequences from positive character to mystical in the genres of psy-trance, Goa trance and acid techno. These Microfreak presets will inspire and add musical solutions to your new and existing productions or live plays.

Producers of dubstep, deep house, tech house, melodic trance and chillout will also find good utility and inspiration within these and just switch off the sequencer to enable manual play mode bringing you 50 single timbres.

Almost all these Microfreak  are modulated and take on new timbres using the knobs timbre, cutoff/resonance, decay and cycle modulation amount,

Almost all sequences are presented in two variations – use A and B buttons in a sequencer section. 

Upgrade your Microfreak with these next level sounds and start creating your own melodies with these inspirational new Microfreak sounds!

Microfreak Patch list

  1. Progressive Seq
  2. Light Riff
  3. Speed Dist
  4. Mortal Kombat
  5. Energy Seq
  6. Metallic Drop
  7. Action Bass
  8. Trash Bass
  9. Trash Bass 2
  10. Alien Communication
  11. Taekwondo Seq
  12. Reflection Seq
  13. Wild Power
  14. D.R.S.G.
  15. Snake Lord
  16. Circle Seq
  17. Sacred Art
  18. Miracles
  19. Cognitive Dissonance
  20. Bakhteen Seq
  21. Inner Balance
  22. Dialogue Seq
  23. Sweet Dreams
  24. Winner Seq
  25. Flamenko Bass
  26. Psytrance Seq
  27. Muted Harmony
  28. Golden Era
  29. Pure Euphoria
  30. Industrial Seq
  31. Best Hopes
  32. Techno Party
  33. Happ End
  34. Deeply Disturbed
  35. Breaking the Law
  36. Adventures
  37. Evil Bass
  38. Deep House Bass
  39. Show Must Go On
  40. Mistral
  41. Nostalgia Seq
  42. Good Mood
  43. Voyage Voyage
  44. Acid Techno
  45. Adrenaline Bass
  46. Rock Hero
  47. Push Me, Touch Me
  48. Sid and Nancy
  49. Deep House Bass 2
  50. Sad Verse, Sad Chorus
  51. BONUS: rock’n’roll
  52. BONUS: Psytech Groove
  53. BONUS: Dendy Champion

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