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Andrea De Paoli - MMI Sound Design Team

Omnisphere - Ultra '87 Synthwave Retro Essentials

Omnisphere - Ultra '87 Synthwave Retro Essentials

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"Ultra '87" is a cutting edge preset pack for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.X, a virtual synth modelled to provide one of the best sounding workstation on the market.

This preset pack upgrades Omnisphere to a synthwave - retro powerhouse. 

Delivering fat and aggressive basses, hugely crisp synth leads, midnight and retro pads inspired by the best sounding 80’s synthesizers like Roland Juno 6, 80, 106, Yamaha CS80, Yamaha DX7, Oberheim OBx-A, Roland 50, Sequential Prophet and many others.

Ultra ’87 for Omnisphere provide also some essential synthwave drums like snare, toms, claps, kick, hihat.

If you are tired to seek for synthwave - retro  sounds from different virtual instruments or virtual drums you can make synthwave - retro tracks just using Ultra ’87 patches only from your Omnisphere. 

A mega-pack of synthwave sounds to level up and inspire your Synthwave, Retro productions.

The emulation of many different waveforms of 80’s synths , filters, samples from several top notch vintage synthesizers crafted on Omnisphere delivers fat big sounding and high crisp patches which are excellent for cutting through and getting heard in your music production projects.


Plucks: 4

Bass: 9 

Arpeggiator / Sequence: 9

Hits: 2

EP - Keys: 2

Leads: 5

Pads: 5

Drums 2 HiHat, 2 Kick, 2 Tom Sets, 3 Snare, 1 Claps Set

Polysynths / Brass: 7

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