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Espen Kraft

The Digital Collection Vol. 7

The Digital Collection Vol. 7

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Sample Pack for Togu Audio Line (TAL) Sampler.

94 brand new presets for the TAL-sampler.
The sounds from the Memorymoog, the MFB Dominion 1 and the Waldorf MicroWaveXT. Analog and digital sounds ready to go into your own music and productions.
Patches that sound like old 80s classic sampler presets.

The Memorymoog

From the early 80s - Hailed as one of the most epic and lush analog synths ever made. 

MFB Dominion 1

A monophonic analog synth with a stellar quality in terms of bass, power and programmability. 

The Waldorf MicroWaveXT

A sequel of sorts, to the MicroWave and PPG. Wavetable synths, with smoothness and grit, combined.
As I always do with these TAL-sampler packs, I've restricted the use of multi samples within a patch. The TAL-sampler excel at emulating different ADCs (analog to digital converting) from old 80s samplers and as such it's important to have the sampler engine pitch samples down, to get THAT 80s sound.
The drums in the first part of the video are coming from Espens "The Ultimate Italo Disco / Synth-Pop Sample Pack".

Requires TAL Sampler: Purchase TAL SAMPLER here.

TAL Sampler VST plugin

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