u-he repro-5 sci-fi presets featuring drones, fx, deep space sounds and background radiation noises, gamma ray pads and dust storm presets

Repro5 - The Silence

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Presets For U-he Repro-5

All sounds including the rocket noise intro are part of the sound pack. The voice transmission is the only external sound used in this demo.

Are you looking for Sci-Fi and deep space sounds?

It's frustrating auditioning nothing but the same reverb washed sounds with very little tonal quality.

With The Silence we aimed to provide high quality SciFi and other world sounds to plug right into your productions. 

It's pure creation With 64 Premium Ambient, Cinematic And Sci-fi Presets For U-he Repro-5

This Repro5 Preset Pack Steps Away From The Usual Leads, Keys, Bass And Steps Into A World Of Sci-fi, Ambience And Fx.

Specifically Designed To Lead You Away From Pigeonholing Your Sound And Projects, Instead, This Sound Pack Has Been Designed To Put You Into A World Of Exploration.

A Great Addition To Modern Atmospheric, Ambient Productions As Well As Supporting Anyone Doing Film, Cinema Sound And TV Sound Composition.

Many sounds with modulation wheel and other modulation parameters set to really bend, twist and explore deeper sonic qualities.