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U-he Repro-1 - Sound Bank '79

U-he Repro-1 - Sound Bank '79

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A synth that needs no introduction. A superb sounding emulation of the Sequential Circuits Pro-One mono-synth from the early 80's. U-he have done an excellent job with this plug-in, and it really gives you that joy and simplicity of a really good mono synth.

A bank of 30 patches for instant inspiration and to help you get working quickly. The goal was to highlight the raw analog tone and musicality of the Pro-One, primarily working within the constraints of the original Sequential Circuits design. This is a plug-in that has excellent tone and all the features you need.

Note: Ensure that the "HQ" button is selected in the plug-in for the highest sound quality.

Sound Bank '79 is a series of vintage tones for different synths and plug-ins, so look out for future releases.

**THESE PATCHES WORK EXCLUSIVELY WITH THE U-HE REPRO-1 PLUG-IN. There are no refunds or exchanges after purchase.**
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