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Heartwood Soundware

Zebra 2 - Arc Light

Zebra 2 - Arc Light

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150 Presets for U-he Zebra 2

Looking for your next Zebra 2 sound pack? Arc Light is a soundset for U-he’s Zebra2 synth from Heartwood Soundware.
This set comprises a total of 150 patches. Expect a range of cinematic, cyberpunk and dark edged industrial noises.

You will find a range of ARP / BASS / BASSLINE / DRUM / KEYS / LEAD / LOOP / PAD / SEQ & SYNTH equally at home in a live performance or studio environment. These tones are gritty, raw, and bring out Zebra 2's uncompromising quality. 

Built from the ground up, extensively beta tested and refined over the months to ensure you get the some of the most cutting edge sounds available for this excellent soft synth from U-he Plugins.

Looking for inspirational spark? In all cases try using the modwheel for instant gratification. In addition this set takes full advantage of Zebra’s X/Y performance options to ensure something interesting or positively unpredictable is likely to happen to your sound.

Or perhaps just looking to upgrade your Zebra 2 and sound library with some fresh sounds? There's 150 patches at your disposal here to browse through, start listening, playing and creating from. 

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